Monday Links – Hold On Coach Q, Inge’s Soft Spot, & Worse Than the Lions?

I’m still working on some Lions and Pistons coverage, but here’s a few links to keep you occupied for the time being.

  • PistonPowered is warning fans to hold off on the Coach Q praise for a bit. Great work there, pretty eye-opening stuff.
  • TBS played a touching piece this weekend on Brandon Inge and his work at Mott Children’s Hospital.
    (Via Bless You Boys)
  • Bob at Detroit4Lyfe believes that the Lions are only the 8th-worst team in the league now. I’m not sure I agree with #7 on his list of teams worse than the Lions but #1-6 deserve to hold that title.
  • Can’t say I’m surprised, but Sheed has already opened his mouth, declaring that the Celtics could surpass the Bulls’ record of 72 wins in a season. Skeets plays it off as typical ‘Sheed talk, but I don’t think the C’s even get to 60. As for Sheed? He’s all yours Boston.
  • The Baseline has our beloved Pistons at #18 in the NBA this year in their team preview. I think #18 is a bit low, but I can understand where some of the skepticism is coming from. If you’re an NBA fan and you’re not checking this site everyday, you should be. Great stuff all around, and less partial than the Skeets/Dwyer combo at Ball Don’t Lie (though BDL is still my personal favorite).
  • The Church of Schwartz has been doing a phenomenal job with their weekly roundtable “The Lions Congregation.” It’s a must-read every week, and the newest edition is no exception.
  • I should have some Lions and Pistons content up within the next couple days, with some more Tigers season review later on in the week.


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